Chronic illness

To The Person With A Chronic Illness Who Feels Like A Burden

Dear Warrior,

Yes, I called you a warrior, because that is exactly how I have come to view people dealing with chronic illness. These warriors display courage in the face of fear and the uncertainty that is a constant part of their life. They retain their compassion and propensity to look for good in the world despite being mistreated or ostracized by others. They smile through the pain and make jokes to help put everyone at ease when they are imploding inside. They become familiar with emotions and experiences many people may only see once or twice in their lifetime.

But unfortunately, warriors can also feel like a burden from time to time. Whether that feeling is prompted by the insensitive comment of a family member or misinformed post of a Facebook friend, it can get us at our core. It harshly whispers, “You are not adequate. You are different in a bad way. All that you are and all that you are able to do is not enough for the people you love, for the society you live in.”

But it is in those low moments we must challenge that negative way of thinking. We must not let the misguided views of a few take up residence in our subconscious. There is a wonderful quote by author Max Lucado that sums it up perfectly: “ You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done – but simply because you are.” These words imply that we are all inherently worthy because we are all human beings. And that is a truth we should believe in.

It is a reality that we will feel inadequate or burdensome at points throughout our journey, but it is how we respond to those feelings that is important. Unfortunately, we live in a society that tells us that if we can’t do what everyone else can do, we are somehow less. People often forget that we did not choose the hand we were dealt, it was chosen for us. Judgment is freely passed on people who not viewed as “active, contributing members of society.” But what they don’t understand is that we have other ways of contributing to the greater good, sometimes, just by being who we are.

Don’t waste a precious minute feeling like a burden. If we could change our situations, we would. Instead, let’s advocate for one another and show people how wrong they are. And if the word “burden” somehow weasles its way into our heads, may we always quickly replace it with “warrior.”

Stay strong,

Lindsay B.


14 thoughts on “To The Person With A Chronic Illness Who Feels Like A Burden

  1. Thank you. Your purpose fulfilled has come at a great price. I don’t believe God gives illness but He does work in us through it be blessed!


  2. This was a really nice and emphatic!
    I am sitting in a bus, the people started to look at me strange and I did not know why, and I just looked at the window and In my reflection saw that my tears are pouring out..


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