Chronic illness

“Normal Person” Sick

Every time I get a cold, the flu, or a gastrointestinal virus (often indistinguishable from one of my GI flares), I refer to myself as being “normal person” sick. This is very tongue-in-cheek because I know “normal” is a hard concept to define and pretty overrated anyway. 

I have had a very bad cold for the past week. The sinus pain, eye and nasal drainage, and sore throat has totally sucked. This virus has actually thrown me a bit. I’m so used to my chronic symptoms because they are so prevalent in my life. But I almost forgot that dealing with chronic issues doesn’t somehow make me immune to germs. I wash my hands and use sanitizer like a fiend but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. 

I don’t know what the point of my ramblings are. My main message is to take care of yourself. Whether you are dealing with a virus and/or chronic health issues, make sure to baby yourself we you need to. Stay home. Keep your germs to yourself. Rest. You only have one body. 

Stay Virus-Free,

Lindsay B.

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