Chronic illness

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Kermit was definitely right. My motility doctor once told me that he thought my digestive system was my Achilles heel. I’d have to agree. Nausea in particular has been such an unpleasant, unwelcome, but frequent sensation in my life. 

I hate it. 

I hate the way it makes me feel small and vulnerable. I hate how it interferes with things I want to do…things I need to do. I hate how it can render me completely useless…a pathetic ball curled up on my bed. There are days I’ve seriously considered ripping my guts out with my own two hands.

When I think about how many nights I’ve spent sprawled out on the cold bathroom floor, praying for relief….it makes me a little sad. When I think of myself clutching a small garbage can, concentrating with all my might not to vomit en route to the ER…I just shake my head. When I think of all the times strangers (even if they are medical professionals) have seen me so vulnerable, violently vomiting flourescent yellow bile….I just sigh.

Personally, I think nausea is one of the worst physical sensations a person can endure. I have endless compassion for people who suffer with chronic nausea. Please know, you are not alone and it takes incredible strength to battle through what you do!

With Love,

Lindsay B. 

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