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Waiting For These Results Is Testing My Patience

I think of myself as a pretty patient person, but waiting for the results of a certain blood test is really trying my patience, and frankly, fraying my nerves. Based on my adrenaline rushes (and my  doctor’s thoroughness), my metanephrine levels were drawn last Monday, along with some other tests. This adrenaline metabolite, when elevated, is a good indicator of pheochromocytoma (tumor on the adrenal glands). I’ve learned through my own research that these tumors are usually benign but cause a lot of distressing symptoms and take precise surgical skill to remove.

I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty apprehensive and not knowing is getting more difficult day by day. Apparently this isn’t exactly a run-of-the-mill test. My blood had to be sent to The Mayo Clinic. This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for the results of a test. Even radiography and surgical pathology results came back faster.


I fully realize this is something I cannot change. I cannot change the speed with which it takes to isolate metanephrines in my blood. I cannot change how quickly the results are transmitted to my doctor. I cannot change whether or not I currently have a pheochromocytoma. I can only pray for the patience to wait as calmly as possible and, more importantly, the strength to face whatever the results may be.


Prayers Appreciated,


Lindsay B.

4 thoughts on “Waiting For These Results Is Testing My Patience

  1. Hi, Lindsay. I wrote you earlier this month in response to your original post about the adrenaline rush from hell. I could definitely relate, and you were kind enough to reply. I’ve been thinking about you since that time and wondering what you would find out from your doctor, hoping for only good news.

    Waiting in cases like this is pure torture. Please know you’re not alone. I’m praying for the best possible results for you.

    I do think you’re very fortunate to have what seems to be a wonderfully attentive, willing, and thorough physician. I can tell you that is not the case for many people, including myself – past and present (and that may be due to location). I’m relieved and thrilled for you that you at least have that.

    We’re waiting with you, and we’ll be here once you have your answers, too.

    All the best…

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    1. Thank you SO much for your support Liz! It truly warms my heart to know people care. This is all new for me. Also, I am so grateful for my Primary Care Physician because, like you, I haven’t always had someone who really listens to my concerns and is thorough with my care. Hope you are well! I will let everyone know when I get my results!

      ❤ Lindsay


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