Chronic illness

A Huge Sigh of Relief

I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to announce that my blood test (plasma metanephrines) came back negative! That means I don’t have a pheochromocytoma. My doctor and I have come to the conclusion that my symptoms have been a result of two things – 1) a B12 deficiency and 2) my hypothyroidism. I am slowly starting to feel better on a B12 supplement and an increased dose of my thyroid medicine.

Thank you to everyone who reached out. I appreciate your words of support more than you know!

Very Relieved,

Lindsay B.

4 thoughts on “A Huge Sigh of Relief

  1. So very relieved to hear this!!

    It took me time, too, after my experience to begin to feel better. But, you will! So glad it’s already begun!


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  2. I”m so glad you’re starting to feel better and have found a path to folllow. It means so much to have that direction and plan of attack to direct our gaze and energies to.

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