Chronic illness

Creature Comforts

When you deal with any sort of unpleasantness on a regular basis – whether in the form of chronic illness, chronic pain, or mental illness – finding things that offer a bit of comfort can really make a difference.

I have found several things that help me cope and make me feel a little more human when I’m at my worst.

  1. My teddy bear – I know I am almost 27-years-old, but I have had my bear, Buffy, since the day I was born. She has been through a lot with me. This is clearly evident by the MANY areas of wear all over her fur.
  2. A heated blanket – My heated blanket is kind of a cross between a heated blanket and a heating pad. It is made with some of the softest fabric I’ve ever felt and has helped me through many episodes of abdominal pain and body aches.
  3. Essential oils – I like to diffuse Lavender oil when I am particularly stressed or anxious. I apply Peppermint oil when I am nauseous (directly on my stomach or the soles of my feet) or experiencing a migraine (on the part of my head that is hurting).
  4. Pillow spray – There is nothing better than crawling into your bed when you aren’t feeling well and laying your head down on a scented pillow. My favorite pillow spray is part of the Aromatherapy Collection from Bath and Body Works in Lavender Chamomile.
  5. Lots and lots of TV and movies – I love Netflix and Hulu. Watching a TV show or movie when I am feeling sick or in pain is a great distraction. I love mysteries and crime shows, as well as historically-based movies and documentaries.

What items comfort you when you are suffering? Do you have particular foods that you like to eat or things you like to drink? Be sure to share your creature comforts in the comments!


Take care,

Lindsay B.



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