Why The Results of Nov. 8th Terrify Me

Although some people may find it inappropriate to discuss politics on a platform of positivity like this, I just can’t be silent. In my opinion, it is not right for me to stay quiet about the things that I believe in so passionately. I’m absolutely shocked and incredibly scared about the results of the recent Presidential Election. And I want to explain why. I know I can not MAKE people understand, I can not MAKE them change their minds, but I want to provide them with information as to why so many of their fellow Americans are disappointed, hurt, and fearful.

As a young woman and, frankly, a human being, I’m truly appalled by the comments the President-elect has made about females in the past. His words demonstrate his misogynistic beliefs, his belief that women are objects for men who can be rated and degraded based on their physicality. His statement that he feels entitled to grab women by their genitalia disgusted me to no end (see video clip below). But what truly frightened me, was the way he explained it away as “locker room banter” and that his supporters agreed with that ludicrous reasoning! He is a perfect example of the obstacles women have faced and continue to face in a historically patriarchal society. The fact that this man will be succeeding President Obama, someone who has been a champion for the advancement and empowerment of women and girls is disgusting. It sends a horrible message. This man is going to be sitting in the Oval office, in charge of leading our country. It completely blows my mind.

As someone who is getting an advanced degree in Public Health and has aspirations of working in that field, I am very concerned about policy changes related to women’s health under the next President.


Our planet is in peril. It is a fact. Air quality in big cities is abysmal and only getting worse. Entire species of animals are dying off. Weather patterns are changing and water levels are rising. The World Wildlife Fund has predicted that 2/3 of all wildlife could be gone by the 2020. If that isn’t a crisis, I don’t know what is. The President-elect has previously stated on social media (on Twitter on 11/6/12) that he believes climate change is a concept created by the Chinese to mess with American manufacturing. That is absolutely ridiculous. Climate change is an issue that must be addressed immediately and aggressively or future generations may pay a terrible price. The consequences of inaction are deadly. Please educate yourself about how the policy changes he has promised will be disastrous for our environment. We only have one planet. It is our home and is our collective responsibility to protect it.




The way the President-elect has spoken about people of different races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations has shocked and angered me. A bedrock principle of American democracy is that ALL people have equal protection under the law. He has tapped in to the racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and bigotry that seem so deeply rooted in some Americans’ way of thinking. It is incredibly disappointing and infuriating that after everything our country has been through, everything our people have been through, that equal human rights are still an issue. Frankly, I’m appalled. That is the only word that seems to qualify the immensity of what I feel. The fact that I have friends – wonderful, strong, enlightened, compassionate people – who are terrified of what the future may hold for them is heartbreaking. The fact that they are worried about becoming second-class citizens and are scared that they will face more discrimination than they already do is completely unacceptable. The fact that it is our future President that has made them feel this way…I really have no words.

We all deserve to feel safe, supported, and protected in our own country. Do you duty and educate yourself about how this new administration and their policies may affect the lives of some of your fellow Americans.




There are so many more reasons why I am scared to have this man as President but thinking about ALL of them is incredibly overwhelming. If I really thought about everything he could do and everything that could go wrong, I would be in a constant state of panic for the next four years. And that sucks. It sucks that so many of us are terrified. It sucks that half of our population doesn’t seem to share our values. It sucks that the pot of hate and fear has been stirred up by the person who is supposed to help us feel safe, the person who has promised to “Make America Great Again.” I’m sorry, but America already is great. And what makes America great are her people – the people who put their lives on the line for and fight for their fellow man, the people who care for and advocate for their fellow man, the people who educate our youth and tell them they can achieve their dreams. Americans make America great. Hopefully, if we continue to stand up and fight for what we believe in, we can get through these next four years together. Although I am terrified, I also have hope. I have to.

We are all in this together,

Lindsay B.

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