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Grateful for the Struggle

My privilege – being a Caucasian American who grew up in an upper middle class, nuclear family with access to everything I needed and many things I wanted – has not protected me from pain and struggle. But I know that every difficult experience has helped me grow and become a more enlightened human being.

In a sense, I’m grateful for it all. I’m grateful for my anxiety disorder because it has given me more compassion and an understanding of the depth of fear humans can experience. I am grateful to my chronic illnesses for deepening my appreciation of all the simple pleasures in life and helping me realize what is truly important. I’m grateful for the interrupted dreams, failed friendships, unmet goals, and rock bottoms because they have taught me resilience and that asking for help is an act of courage.

If everything in my life had been easy, if I hadn’t struggled, if I hadn’t experienced fear and pain and illness…I would be an entirely different person. I’m thankful for everything that has gone “wrong.” Earth school is not easy, but God promises that it is worth it. And I trust Him.

With Love,

Lindsay B.

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