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Simply Complicated: A Documentary Worth Your Time

If chronic symptoms or a virus have you stuck in bed (or you’re just looking for something compelling to watch), I highly recommend watching Demi Lovato’s raw and personal documentary “Simply Complicated.” Its powerful messages and overarching themes really resonated with me. And I know it has the potential to touch everyone who watches it because we are all human, we have all struggled with something. Mental illness. Addiction. An eating disorder. Bullying. Body confidence issues. Parental divorce. Grief and loss. If you haven’t dealt with one of these things personally, you certainly know someone who has.

Demi’s candid and vulnerable commentary on her life experiences thus far, as well as insight from the people closest to her, will have you laughing and crying. You will get a personal look at the making of her latest album “Tell Me You Love Me,” as well as a taste of her new songs. You will follow her in her role as a mental health advocate and get to see some of her philanthropic work. You will begin to understand the daily effort she puts in to stay in recovery and that, like all of us, she has her bad days.

You will be reminded of the transformative, healing power of music. You will be reminded that not all suffering is visible…that secrets can make you sick…that sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is surrender. But most importantly, you will be reminded that asking for help can change your life.

“Simply Complicated” is free to watch on YouTube. The link is below.


Remember friends, you are not alone!

Lindsay B.

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