Welcome to Chronically Enlightened! I’m so excited and honored you’ve found your way to my blog. My life experiences thus far have all inspired me to create this place as a source of support, inspiration, and information. While it is my fervent wish that all humans are able to find something meaningful here, I especially hope to touch the hearts and minds of those dealing with physical and/or mental health challenges.

I hope people will feel comfortable sharing their stories and perspectives, as I share mine. I truly believe in the power of words, so I hope the wisdom, thoughts, and experiences I share resonate with whomever comes across my page.

Chronically Enlightened exists as a place for me to be honest and authentic and to try to help people feel less alone in their lived experiences. I truly believe that my purpose in this life is to help others…to help ease people’s pain…to empower people to love and advocate for themselves. It is not only about healing brokenness but holding space for others and helping people realize that they are more than enough…that they are cherished gifts.  My dream is for all my readers to feel something…inspired…connected…maybe even a little enlightened!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thankyou for your blog and your aim to help others feel less alone.

    I have been trying to do this also on my fb page under the doom


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