Apothecary of the Earth


I have recently become an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. The health scientist in me is really interested to see what effect the use of different plant essential oils may have on me and my family. This page will feature posts reviewing the YL products, as well as evidence-based research that demonstrates the health benefits of essential oil usage.

Where to Order Young Living Essential Oils

My Young Living Website: http://www.youngliving.org/lindsayb489

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Why I Love Young Living Essential Oils

First, is their “Seed to Seal” Promise. seed-to-seal-infographicFor further information visit: http://seedtoseal.com/en

Secondly, I deal with chronic illnesses and have to take traditional, pharmaceutical medications on a daily basis. I wanted some simple, natural options to supplement my daily medications. Young Living Essential Oils offered that for me. I apply Peppermint oil to help ease my migraine headaches and chronic nausea.  I diffuse Lavender oil to aid in relaxation and help me asleep. My mom applied and diffuse R.C. that helped calm a persistent cough she had for months. The wonderful thing about essential oils is that they are effective. Here is a link to some interesting scientific information about Lavender in particular: http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/lavender

And, lastly, there are such wide-ranging uses for essential oils. They can be used to make chemical-free household cleaning solutions, health and beauty products, and some can even be used in cooking. Their versatility was really appealing to me. Young Living has so many creative ideas on how to use essential oils to enhance our lives and get rid of things that may actually be harming us. Their blog is a really great resource and I hope to share their ideas on CE: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/